versatile, adaptable, biocompatible


ArteViva is the innovative thickness coating system designed to fulfil the most varied requirements and ensure the full expression of creative spirits. ArteViva is the ideal product to coat floors and walls with ready-to-use biocompatible single-component solvent-free products that allow to rapidly obtain special and customized aesthetic effects.

The versatile and adaptable ArteViva system, also for its limited thickness 2 mm, offers perfect solutions for all kinds of applications and settings where interiors can be created with many varied artistic and decorative options.
It is ideal to renovate and add a unique stylish touch to private and public spaces, shops, offices, beauty parlours, bathrooms and furnishing accessories, as well as to kitchen tops and furniture.


and polyvalent, it consists of single-component products in aqueous emulsion and natural quartz fillers. All the products are NMP(n-methylpyrrolidone)-free.
The products of the ArteViva system are largely compliant with the limits set by the European standards concerning VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as required by the 2004/42/EC Directive.


The products used are compliant with the 89/106/EEC Directive of 21.Dec.1988 enforced in Italy with DPR 246 of 21.Apr.1993. All the polymers in aqueous emulsion we use (clearly protected by the appropriate industrial property rights) in the ARTEVIVA system are considered as notified by EINECS according to article 13.2 of the 92/32/EEC Directive.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air in indoor application settings. Our system does not absorb polluting dust or agents, does not release any powdery residues and does not favour the growth of harmful microorganisms. There is no need of a special detergent for daily cleaning: it can be sanitized with simply natural substances. It has no radioactivity. It contains no metallized waxes (containing high environmental impact substances).


ArteViva is indicated for applications on any type of surface, either new or old, floor or wall, indoor or outdoor,
on terracotta, marble, cement, stone, plasterboard, glass, ceramic substrates and on heated floors.

All the products of the ArteViva system are registered with ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), the highest Italian health protection agency. It is compliant with legal standards as to its slipperiness and flammability levels, according to the analyses of Istituto Giordano Laboratory .


Class 1 according to the European standard UNI NE-ISO class Bfl-S1.
Coefficient of kinetic friction, as per laboratory tests performed with slippery meter FSC 2000 Print (S/N 2030). BCRA (British Ceramic Research Association) method. Average value determined: 0.45 – 0.70 μ.
The value indicated varies depending on the effect of the floor – whether it is smooth or raw, dry or wet – and depending on the type of bed, rubber/leather.
Totally BISPHENOL A free.

Light resistant and resistant to common staining agents.
Suitable for laying on radiant floors. Thermal conductivity measurement certified by laboratory tests carried out through thermo-flowmeter method (ASTM E 1530 Standard).
HACCP : Suitable for covering surfaces in direct contact with food. No emission of substances harmful to humans

Our company adheres to Green Building Council, Italian association of the leader companies that operate to transform the construction market leading towards environmental sustainability through the innovation of the way in which buildings are designed, realised, and used.


Each work differs from the others, all applications can be customized.
The complete cycle can be completed in 3-4 days and can be used dry after 12-24 hours.
Easy to clean and maintain and offers quality and long-lasting performance.