The protection of the environment has always been one of our objectives without giving up an aesthetic touch, customised, which allows the adequate level of creative expression requested by the clients. What does, selecting an ecological covering mean? First of all avoiding solvents and substances hazardous for man. Our innovative proposal for any type of coating is composed of a single component mortar in a watery emulsion and natural fillers such as quartz, marble, recycled glass, cocciopesto (hydraulic lime and crushed bricks): this makes our resin eco-friendly and safer not only for those who use it but especially for those that choose it for their home or workplace. In fact, all the products of the Arteviva system do not contain lime, gypsum, cement, epoxy substances, solvents, NMP (n-methylpyrrolidone) and largely fall within the strict limits set by the European Law regarding VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as provided for by Directive 2004/42/EC. Moreover, all the products part of the Arteviva System are registered at the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Health Service) and all the Arteviva production sites are certified ISO 9001.

The concept refers to the ability of the resin coatings to perfectly adapt to the environments in total harmony, resulting in more sustainable thanks to the lower environmental impact that they have compared to other materials used. This is why the products we offer are compliant to the EEC Directive 89/106 of 21.12.1988 implemented in Italy with Presidential Decree 246 of 21.4.1993. All the polymers in watery emulsion used by us (obviously covered by appropriate confidentiality) in the Arteviva System are also notified by EINECS according to article 13.2 of EEC DIrective/92/32.

IAQ – Indoor Air Quality
The wellbeing of every room we live in starts from the air we breathe, which must be healthy. Guaranteeing the quality of air inside the rooms is a priority for our company. The Arteviva System does not absorb pollutant agents, does not release dusty residues, and does not favour the growth of noxious microorganisms. An advantage due especially to the easiness of daily cleaning; in fact, the system does not require specific detergents and can be sanitised simply with natural substances. The absence of radioactivity levels and metal waxes that always contain high environmental impact substances represents an additional guarantee of the healthiness of the internal areas.

The CE marking of the Arteviva decorative resin floors indicates that the products are labelled in compliance with the essential requirements provided for by the European Directives regarding safety, public health, and protection of the customer, during the entire life of the same (from design to production, to introduction on the market, to the use of the product up to its disposal). The CE marking is a synonym of quality and results in the guarantee of duration in time because the products have such characteristics to allow the works in which they are permanently incorporated to satisfy the following requirements: mechanical resistance, dimensional and colour stability, resistance to fire, environmental hygiene and health, application safety, and energy-saving.

The Arteviva System is totally Bisphenol-A free. This characteristic is very important because it guarantees the total absence of this substance that is present in numerous epoxy cycles or epoxy cement and is the core subject of numerous studies. Over the years it was proven that exposure to bisphenol A can alter the endocrine apparatus and, therefore, can have negative effects on health if the dosage is high. Bisphenol A can also have noxious effects on the heart and it has been correlated to several other pathologies.

These two characteristics are very important because they make the surfaces coated in resin suitable for every room of the house, especially the kitchen. This because they are suitable for the covering of surfaces where food is placed (restaurants, kitchen, etc). The coating realised with the Arteviva System is particularly hygienic because it does not allow the proliferation of bacteria and moulds and is resistant to common washing products.

SILVER PUR, the new generation transparent protective additive with silver particles with strong sanitizing action. It prevents the formation of bacteria and is ideal wherever maximum sanitation and healthiness of surfaces is required.
SILVER PUR reduces the proliferation of bacteria by 99.9% having a sanitizing power that remains unchanged over time as the silver is incorporated into the protective finish.
Tested by the CATAS certification body in compliance with ISO 22196: 2011.
Available in 3 versions: glossy, satin and matt.

The thermal conductivity of a floor is its capacity to favour the passage of heat, a quality that is very advantageous in the case of radiant floors. Many people think that the so-called hot floors, as for example wooden ones, are conductive, instead, they have a considerably low conductivity value of about 0.30 ƛ. The thermal conductivity value of the Arteviva System, measured through laboratory test with guarded heat flow meter method (standard ASTM E 1530), instead is much higher measuring 0.81 ƛ.

The Arteviva System is resistant to fire – Class Bfl-S1 according to the UNI EN 13501-1:2009 standard. This means that our system does not favour the propagation of flames and in case of fire, it produces very little smoke.

The resistance to stains tests executed with various substances such as coffee, wine, tea, vinegar, oil, and lemon did not damage the treatment in any way, even with contacts up to 48 hours.

The products that we use guarantee excellent adherence and ensure a dynamic friction coefficient in compliance with the standards of law, as evidenced in laboratory tests executed at a certification body – BCRA Method with an average calculated value of 0.53 – 0.70 μ. The value indicated varies depending on the effect of the floor, smooth/rough and dry/wet, and according to the type of sole, rubber/leather.

Since the Arteviva System is composed of selected raw materials with aliphatic characteristics it ensures that the coating is not subject to aesthetic or colour variations due to exposure to UV rays as evidenced in the “accelerated ageing test with UV ASTM G 154-16 lamp” laboratory test.

The Arteviva surface does not require any special maintenance operation. Cleaning can be carried out with a microfibre cloth and our specific neutral or slightly degreasing detergents.