Arteviva is indicated for applications on any type of surface, either new or old, floor or wall, indoor or outdoor, on terracotta, marble, cement, stone, plasterboard, glass, ceramic substrates and on heated floors.

Adhesive water-based mortar for substrate smoothing and net glueing.
Indicated on cement or brickwork for the introduction of the fibreglass net. Excellent resistance to outdoor conditions, applicable also on perfectly cleaned ceramics, gres/stoneware, Klinker, marble, stone, wood, metal, glass, etc. Complex synthetic polymer mix in aqueous emulsion and mineral fillers indicated for a rapid and correct laying of the fibreglass net. Excellent resistance to water, breathable. Cement, lime and plaster free. Single-component ready-to-use product. To be used as an alternative to self-levelling agents compared to which it offers excellent adhesion on any type of surface, even if applied in damp places (max.5% humidity). It contains no hazardous substances that may damage humans or the environment.
Arteviva Fondo Rete is available in:
10 kg Bucket
20 kg Bucket

Water-based primer for cement-based surfaces.
Indicated as a primer on cement-based surfaces, particularly on quartz, industrial floors, self-levelling floors and plasterboard, plaster, or lime surfaces. A mix of polymeric emulsions to be applied on cement-based surfaces to avoid the pulverization of cement surfaces. Completely based on water. Breathable. Free from silicone resins.
Arteviva Primer CEM is available in:
5 Lt Can
1 Lt Bottle

Water-based epoxy bicomponent primer.
For indoor and outdoor applications. Excellent solidifying power on concrete, cement and anhydrite screeds after the necessary preparation. Indicated for resin floors built on substrates with rising damp. Indicated for the consolidation of friable and porous surfaces. Breathable and with a very low tendency to yellow. Excellent adhesion on mineral and non-mineral substrates (including metal substrates, on which it also shows good rust-proof properties). Excellent resistance to chemicals. Effective both under positive and negative pressure. Applicable on damp cement (max 4.5%).
Arteviva Primer EPO33 is available in:
5 Lt Can (Part A 2150 gr + part B 2850 gr)

Fluidifier for Biomalta.
Add FLUID to BIOMALTA up to max. 4% and mix with a drill until a creamy and homogeneous solution are obtained. A mix of polymer emulsions to be added to BIOMALTA before use to make it more fluid and workable. It can be applied pure as filler between different coats of BIOMALTA.
Arteviva Fluid is available in:
1 Lt Can
5 Lt Can

Water-based single-component thick mortar for floors and walls.
Applicable on wood, rolled sheet, industrial cement, glass, metal, tile surfaces, provided that they are perfectly clean. Indicated for interiors and outdoor applications, flats, bathrooms, offices, shops and home furnishings such as furniture, tables, sinks, kitchens. Ready-to-use synthetic polymer mix in aqueous emulsion and mineral fillers of different grain sizes for full thickness application indicated as a base for the ArteViva system. Lime, plaster and cement free Breathable. Available in neutral, white or coloured versions, according to RAL AND NCS COLOUR CHARTS
Arteviva Biomalta is available in:
10 Lt Bucket
20 Lt Bucket

Specific concentrated water-based tinting paste for the ArteViva system.
Pigmented high-concentration UV-ray resistant paste. The special polymeric binding agents used in this product allow for specific use in all the products of the ArteViva system.
Available colours:
orange, white, blue, F1 red, brick red, sand yellow, Luxor yellow, melon yellow, lemon yellow, magenta, black, green, purple, aluminium, gold. To be used to obtain colours according to RAL AND NCS COLOUR SCALES
Arteviva PCCA is available in:
1 Lt Bottle

Water-based decorative product for the Arteviva System.
Indicated for BIOMALTA wash painting. Also suitable on stucco or lime glossy coating. With this product, you can obtain innovative colours with remarkable results characterised by unique shades and aesthetic effects. Product available in several hues: neutral, oxide yellow, ancient red, antique-effect, light grey, dark grey, dark green, robin’s-egg blue (turquoise), moon grey, London grey, lavender.
BIOCOLOR is also available as glitter in the following tones: gold, silver, iris (iridescent purple).
All colours can be mixed.
Arteviva Biocolor is available in:
1 Lt Bottle
5 Lt Can

Decorative water-based product for Biomalta to be used with a putty knife.
Indicated for BIOMALTA as a component of the Arteviva System. It may also be used on stucco or lime glossy coating. This product can be used to obtain very strong effects with special metal tones. It is a highly THIXOTROPIC product. It is available in several colours: gold, copper, bronze, silver, white and neutral (to be coloured with the specific PCA coloured pastes of the ArteViva system in all RAL and NCS shades by adding from 1% to 5% of PCCA in Neutral LUXOR).
Arteviva LUXOR is available in:
1 Lt Can

Single-component water-based protective finish.
Final protection indicated for walls. Also indicated as a finish for the glossy coating of outdoor stuccoes or lime. Special highly-resistant polymer emulsion that forms a transparent film that does not turn yellow over time. The film produced develops a high hardness level and, simultaneously, an excellent elasticity. It is easy to spread and can be re-painted. Ready-to-use single-component product. Excellent wear and tear resistance.
Arteviva AK is available in glossy and opaque versions:
1 kg Bottle
5 kg Can

Bicomponent water-based protective finish.
A protective finish of the ArteViva System indicated for indoor and outdoor applications. Complex concentrated bicomponent co-emulsion cross-linked with aliphatic isocyanate. Special no-yellowing high-resistance dispersion. It allows a uniform and transparent film to be formed and, after cross-linking, develop a high hardness level with a strong dirt-repellent effect, while maintaining excellent elasticity and re-paintability. Optimal resistance to wear and tear, water, acid and alkaline substances, oil, grease and all staining substances in general.
Available in the Glossy, Satin, Opaque versions.
Arteviva AVF is available in:
1 kg bottle (part A 820 gr + part B 180 gr)
5 kg can (part A 4100 gr + part B 900 gr)