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Ingroservice Italia Srl, the owner of the Arteviva brand, was founded in 1986 and has been operating in the sector of products for the treatment and maintenance of any type of floor such as terracotta, stone, marble, wood, stoneware, etc. Our company has always been oriented towards a green philosophy, and the respect for the environment has led us to the use of water-based products instead of the classical oil/solvent based ones typical of that period. The experience acquired in the field of natural products and the increasing demand of continuous surfaces has driven us, since the early 2000s, to a new challenge in the decorative resins sector, developing a completely water-based system non-hazardous for human health and environment.

This is Arteviva System, a set of biocompatible and odourless products with a very low content of VOCs, and without solvents, lime, gypsum, cement, and epoxy substances. Arteviva is composed of water-based single-component polymers and natural inerts such as quartz, recycled glass, terracotta powder, marble, mother-of-pearl, etc. Arteviva System, also thanks to its limited thickness of about 2 mm, is a perfect combination of versatility and adaptability to any kind of need, environment, and furnishing, offering the possibility of artistic and decorative creations. In fact, it is ideal to renew and make private and public environments, shops, offices, beauty centres, yachts, bathrooms, and furnishing accessories, as well as kitchen countertops and furnishing, original and unique. Arteviva is the ideal solution to change the aspect of surfaces without demolishing the existing floor thus making you save time and costs of disposal. In fact, it can be applied on any type of support, old or new, internal or external, horizontal or vertical, and on any kind of surface such as terracotta, stone, marble, wood, cement, ceramic, glass, metal, plasterboard, plastic, with excellent results also on radiant floors and curved surfaces.

Moreover, the company adheres to the Green Building Council, the Italian association of the leaders whose aim is to lead the construction market towards environmental sustainability innovating the way to design, realise, and use buildings.